Heart of Gold Physical Therapy provides evidence based oncology rehabilitation, lymphedema care, physical therapy and wellness services.  

Lymphedema Prevention Program for all Breast, Pelvic, and Melanoma Cancer patients

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We offer unique cutting-edge modalities for enhanced and efficient care

Negative Pressure Therapy
Enhances lymphatic drainage, scar and soft tissue mobilization, edema and pain management.

Low Level Laser Therapy
The LTU-904 is the ONLY laser device cleared by FDA for lymphedema treatment.

Deep Oscillation Therapy
Supports, intensifies, and improves the effects and lastingness of traditional manual techniques.

LymphaTech 3D Imaging

Accurate measurement of limb volume, shape, and circumference optimizes assessment and tracking over time.

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"When watching after yourself, you watch after others.  When watching after others, you watch after yourself."
The Buddha